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Granger Outdoor Brick Patio Firepit


If you have an inground outdoor pool, you are no doubt longing to create beauty, depth, color and contrast to the area surrounding your pool. A touch of tranquil quiet charm! Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc. has the resources and experience to provide you with the plan that suits your backyard pool design!

Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to create eye-appeal extravagance to that private place where everyone wants to be during these warm sultry summer days! Why not turn this space surrounding your pool into the Garden of Eden where trees provide a backdrop of shade without blocking the sun, where shrubs and plantings flourish, where flowers bloom prolifically lending that POP of color, where correctly positioned boulders and rocks add depth.

While you are strategizing with the designer consider installing a winding curvy path of flagstone, pavers, or cedar wooden planks from back door to poolside to guide your family and guests. While you are remodeling, go ahead and install ground lighting along the path as well as around the pool area itself for that subtle evening glow of calm relaxation from a long day at the office!

Visit to explore your options. Then contact Josh at Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc. in Goshen, Indiana through http://www.StoneRidge.TV or call (574) 534-9800 today to receive details and a quote on your very own custom-made design!


A natural granite stone wetbar with sink, a fully furnished outdoor kitchen with stove, frig and grill , an outdoor dining area staged beneath a cedarwood pergola are all possible through Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc., the expert in outdoor features.

After more than a year of sheltering in, it is time to turn your home inside out. It is time to gather once again with family and friends over a glass of good wine, grilled steaks, garden salads under the umbrella of blue sky and billowing trees. It is time to gather in your landscaped yard, on your brick paver patio, for table games under the cedarwood pergola, or for a swim in your rockscaped pool with hidden slide.

A stout and sturdy, ornate fireplace structure with compartments for holding wood beneath generous seating constructed from a variety of brick, natural fieldstone or concrete selections sitting atop a circular, asymmetrical or rectangular patio custom designed with concrete pavers, tawny flagstone, or travertine pavers which resemble the marble floors in your home bring indoor living outdoors. Wait no longer!

Visit to explore your options. Then contact Josh at Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc. in Goshen, Indiana through http://www.StoneRidge.TV or call (574) 534-9800 today to receive details and a quote on your very own custom-made design!

Alpine Rock Garden with Water Feature

Create an Alpine Rock Garden by combining a variety of stones, rocks and boulders – Mossy boulders, Indian Hill boulders and Glacier boulders – around a small stone patio along with strategic plantings of flowering shrubs and fragrant flowers such as Arrowwood Viburnum and Dutch Iris to create a peaceful invitation to come, sit, relax a bit. Adding a water feature such as a water wall or a stream that meanders around rocks and over pea gravel will enhance the elegance and tranquility of your Alpine Rock Garden. Use Beach Pebbles as paths in and about your rock garden for an eye-catching contrast to the large boulders and plantings and for easy maintenance. Flat boulders can be placed for comfortable seating or you might consider adding natural patio furniture on one edge of the circular patio of stone pavers. And that final touch? Installing evergreens on two sides for privacy and shade. A place of rest and rejuvenation as you smell the scents of nature and listen to the babble of the cool water coursing down its path.

If you would like more information on how to create a peaceful tranquil corner in your back yard, contact Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc. in Goshen, Indiana at http://www.StoneRidge.TV or call (574) 534-9800 for sketches and estimates. Be sure to check out our website

Rock Garden Ideas - How to Design a Rock Garden | Garden Design

Gazebo Get Away

Need a little Get Away from the stresses of life? Don’t feel like packing a backpack? Ever think about installing a Backyard Gazebo Get Away or a Pergola over your Patio? Don’t have the time? Don’t have the skillset? Don’t have the tools or the knowledge? I wanted a place to escape from the busyness of home and work without having to leave home. A specific place for quiet solitude, a place for rest, reflection, and refreshment surrounded by plantings that would offer a touch of warmth and seclusion. A place to share a cup of coffee with a friend or two, a place where the activities of life for a moment had come to a halt. I reached out to Stone Ridge Landscaping in Goshen, Indiana. Josh came, listened, asked questions, offered suggestions, sketched a plan for the project. My Gazebo Get Away became a reality thanks to Stone Ridge Landscaping. Stone Ridge Landscaping – 21665 County Road 45 – Goshen, Indiana 46528 – (574) 534-9800 – http://www.StoneRidge.TV

Stone Ridge NEW Landscape Location in Goshen

That’s right! Stone Ridge Landscaping has moved to our new facility on the north side of Goshen, Indiana. The larger Garden Center allows us to provide better service to our friends and neighbors in Goshen, Elkhart, and Michiana.

Local Landscape Concrete Garden Center Goshen
Landscape Garden Center Concrete Entry

Our crew has been working on the main entry to provide a more durable surface to the new Garden Center. We continue to provide complete landscape designs, landscape construction, retaining wall installation, and outdoor lighting.

NEW LOCATION for Goshen’s landscape company is 21665 County Road 45, Goshen, IN 46528. Phone/text 574.534.9800

Decorative Brick Patio Renovation

Stone Ridge Landscaping is located in Goshen, Indiana. We provide custom landscape designs and installation all around the Michiana area.

One way to renovate your front or backyard entry, instead of using concrete, is to use decorative pavers for steps. Stone Ridge Landscaping works with their clients to get the best design for their home. From the design, to the installing, to the final product, this is an easy and beautiful way to improve your landscape.

Stone Ridge Landscaping uses the best products, to provide their clients with a landscape that will last throughout the changing seasons. Our designers work with each client in choosing the best pavers for their decorative brick patio renovation.

Stone Ridge Landscaping is a full-service landscape provider offering design, construction, & maintenance to residential & commercial clients throughout northern Indiana & southern Michigan. We offer services like patios, kitchens, pools, cedar pergolas, lighting illumination, pools, fire features, & much more.

Enjoy living outdoors more this year with Stone Ridge Landscaping!


Landscape Decorative Brick Patio

Elkhart County, if you want to entertain your friends outdoors, then replace your outdoor patio or wood deck. Decorative brick paver materials create a welcoming and durable outdoor entertaining space. The winter season can be tough on outdoor materials. That’s why Stone Ridge Landscaping uses durable stone and brick pavers. Did you know these materials can be 2x-5x stronger than regular concrete?

decorative stone brick patio
Decorative stone patio with fire pit

While concrete patios are guaranteed to crack and break, modular brick pavers will hold up for years to come. Many old town streets are being reclaimed and preserved to maintain the warmth and character of historical areas.

The City of Goshen & City of Nappanee have relied on the skills and materials provided by Stone Ridge landscaping to invest in long-term beautification and environmental preservation.

brick paver goshen
Permeable paver parking Lot

Call Stone Ridge with your entertaining needs and we will provide the beauty and durability you’ve been missing!

Stone Ridge Landscaping

Boulder Fencing with Dan Snow Stone Works

A few years back, the Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc Team was invited to participate in a day training with Daniel Snow. For those that aren’t familiar, Dan Snow is a creative master using dry-stacked fieldstone, flagstone, and boulders to create works of art.

Hope Builders in Elkhart, Indiana invited Dan Snow to share tips and train us on some basic ways to construct stone walls. An article was published showing the process of the day constructing a portion of a stone wall in Elkhart. Our team has benefited from this knowledge and uses some of his tips to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Below is a stone fire pit we constructed using stone principles inspired by Dan Snow. We love creating beauty with natural stone and boulder materials.

Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc.

Stone fire pit Elkhart Warsaw flagstone landscape

Natural stone fire pit Dan Snow inspired Elkhart Warsaw Indiana

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