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July 2018

Snow Safety

One of our most popular blog posts last year is back as snow managers search for the best Snow Contractor this year. Commercial site managers must balance several factors when selecting the Best Snow & Salt Service Contractor.

Snow Contracting Salting & Snow Plowing

Stone Ridge Landscaping Goshen Snow Service Professional

Snow services providers should demonstrate answers to the listed questions. A dependable snow plow contractor will have an established work history and client referrals. This winter snow season ensure your snow contractor can answer these 10 points to your satisfaction.

If you have questions or would like to see your own custom snow contract, contact our team today, 574.534.9800!

Best Professional Snow Removal
Snow Contractor in Goshen Indiana 24/7

Snow Plowing, Salt Application, and Snow Removal in Goshen Indiana

Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. is well know for their quality outdoor living spaces as well as their snow plowing and removal services. As a snow contractor in Goshen, Indiana, Stone Ridge is able to maintain the parking lots and sidewalks of commercial, medical, industrial, apartments, and condos.

For more information on the services provided or to request a FREE Quote, visit Stone Ridge Snow Removal or call 574.534.9800.

Seawalls: Hand Made & Locally Sourced

We help preserve and protect the environment with natural stone seawalls. Our company is capable of helping ina me around all of the Michiana lakes and rivers including: Syracuse Lake, Dewart Lake, Fieldstone seawalls on the Elkhart River, Saint Joseph River, Goshen Canal, Shavehead Lake in Michigan and beyond.

Our seawall designs are approved by the DNR/DEQ and provide a natural cost-effective way to stabilize your property. Call or email our Seawall Expert today to repair and replace your failing seawall.

We use proven construction techniques and local material sourcing so, our natural fieldstone walls are constructed more economically than vinyl and steel seawalls. Well constructed fieldstone walls reduce further erosion and wake damage with the irregular surface. As a further benefit, stone seawalls are often preferred by the DNR and provide a more natural environment for aquatic habitats and fish.

With all of these benefits, choose a Seawall.Expert to build or repair your seawall. You and the environment will be better for it!

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