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October 2017

3D Landscape Design Walk-Through

Want to get rid of your ugly backyard? Now, the landscape designers and architects with Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc can build your backyard in a matter of days! With a single request, you can build and extensive retreat in a matter of days.

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Landscape Planting Design & Brick Pavers



10 Questions to Find the BEST Snow Contractor

4x6 Snow-Back

In Goshen, Indiana, winter produces snow that must be cleared for safe & efficient commercial business operations. We have come up with a List of  10 Questions to help our current and prospective clients hire the BEST local contractor.

With 15 Years of Experience in the Landscape Construction industry, Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. has identified key factors in selecting the best snow plowing & removal contractor by asking these 10 questions.

“Snow contracts should include a clear action plan for different weather conditions” says Josh Welker, President of Stone Ridge Landscaping, Inc. “For example: Sometimes an incoming ice storm will coat parking lots with ice over-night then, a preemptive application of de-icer (salt) will improve safety & save costs compared to waiting to treat until after the ice storm.”

Welker continues, “Alternatively, if a moderate amount of snow is expected, snow teams will be dispatched upon reaching the accumulation trigger commonly 1″-2″. Properties will begin receiving plow treatment followed up by a de-icer (salt) application upon completion of the snow event.”

With this approach to snow removal it’s now wonder commercial, medical, & industrial clients are looking to Stone Ridge for a comprehensive actionable Snow Plan.

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Snow Safety Week

We LOVE Snow. That’s right. We love it. While yes it provides obvious business opportunities, it gives our teams a chance to break from busy routines. Inspite of the relaxed pace of winter, many client are suprised that we still train and study industry-best practices.

October 23-27 is Snow Safety Week. “If you live in Indiana you understand that snow is unpredictable” says, Josh Welker of Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. Provide consistent and safe service to your office staff, customers, and vendors by listening in on Snow Safety Week present by SIMA.

“If you live in Indiana you understand that snow is unpredictable” says Josh Welker of Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc.

Help us improve the safety of our neighborhood community by reading or visiting at least one event October 23-27 during the Snow Safety Week.

Stone Ridge Landscaping Snow Services
Snow Safety Week October 23-27 with Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc.

Snow Services Plowing Goshen, IN

Coming off some of the warmest weather of the summer makes it hard to think about snow plowing and ice control services. Here in Goshen, Indiana your snow pros are planning for a cold and snowy winter. Hiring the right contractor will save you time, money, and improve the efficiency of your company this winter.

Snow Removal in Goshen & Elkhart Indiana


We service commercial, medical, HOA, industrial, clients wanting comprehensive snow clearing services. We specialize in residential & business settings including 24-hour, medical, shift work, and similar.

Hire a Professional Snow Contractor
SIMA Members provide increased value to clients through the use of best practices.

We will provide you with a customized action plan based on a different categories of storms. Now, you can budget time & finances accurately reducing winter-related risks.

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