Spring is the time to clean up the mess winter can leave behind. Trained technicians are able to quickly¬†improve the appearance and health of your landscape plantings. It’s especially important to keep

brown mulch clean-up spring goshen
Spring Mulch Landscape Clean-Up Elkhart

mulch away from the base of woody trees. Excess organic build-up around trees can lead to rot and insect infestations.

To further protect your landscape, remove excess organic build-up around walks and patios. If mulch or soils are too high, heavy rain can wash this organic material across your walk or drive. Debris can be washed into nearby storm sewers, streams, or lakes reducing the purity of the water.

Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc, prides itself in being conscious of your home, family, and environment. We look forward to helping you clean-up responsibly this spring when you call our technicians 574.534.9800! See you soon!