Create an Alpine Rock Garden by combining a variety of stones, rocks and boulders – Mossy boulders, Indian Hill boulders and Glacier boulders – around a small stone patio along with strategic plantings of flowering shrubs and fragrant flowers such as Arrowwood Viburnum and Dutch Iris to create a peaceful invitation to come, sit, relax a bit. Adding a water feature such as a water wall or a stream that meanders around rocks and over pea gravel will enhance the elegance and tranquility of your Alpine Rock Garden. Use Beach Pebbles as paths in and about your rock garden for an eye-catching contrast to the large boulders and plantings and for easy maintenance. Flat boulders can be placed for comfortable seating or you might consider adding natural patio furniture on one edge of the circular patio of stone pavers. And that final touch? Installing evergreens on two sides for privacy and shade. A place of rest and rejuvenation as you smell the scents of nature and listen to the babble of the cool water coursing down its path.

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