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Landscape Patios and Seawall Construction for Goshen, Elkhart, Granger, South Bend, Syracuse, Warsaw, the Lakes, & Surrounding Areas

Builders of Elkhart Home & Outdoor Expo

The annual Elkhart Home & Outdoor Expo started Friday, February 22 and continues through Sunday, February 24. Stop out for any home improvement need you have. From painting to carpeting, windows to doors, swimming pools to patios this show has it all.

Be sure to grad your free wine tasting and then stop by Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. to get some great ideas for your new decorative brick paver patio. Enjoy living outdoors more this summer!

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EASY AUTOMower Lawn Care

The new AutoMower is a game changer. Let me explain why. Goshen, Indiana has fertile soil and adequate water which is perfect for growing grass. A lot of grass! Too much of a good thing can actually be a problem. We estimate that over 90% of homeowners are late mowing their lawn and 75% dislike fueling the gasoline mower.

Stone Ridge Lawn Care eliminates both of these. With our lawn care team, your lawn will be

  • Cut daily
  • Operate efficiently
  • Reduce pollution
  • Operate quietly day or night

Contact the Stone Ridge team to find out how you can enjoy living outdoors more this year with a new AUTOMower Subscription Lawn Care.

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Lawn Care Auto Mowing

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. At the end of the day, as you are pulling into the drive you notice the grass should be mowed. After dinner, more pressing needs come up and you are too tired and put off mowing until tomorrow.

Gas lawn mowing Elkhart Syracuse Middlebury Mishawaka
Hassles of Mowing

Tomorrow comes, but guess what, it’s raining. The following day you have a late meeting and can’t get to the lawn that desperately needs mowing by this point.

Let Stone Ridge introduce, AutoMower. We customize this mower for your lawn. Once its setup, you can forget about mowing. In fact, in a few weeks time, you’ll forget all about mowing because you will come home everyday to a freshly mowed lawn.

Lawncare Goshen Elkhart Lawn Mowing Stone Ridge Landscape
Subscription Lawn Mowing Goshen, Granger, Elkhart
Landscaping Mowing Pruning Lawn Care Mow
Set It & Forget It. Cheaper Daily Lawn Mowing

This lawn mower is so quite, our clients typically choose to mow at night. While everyone sleeps, this mower will efficiently cut your lawn just a little bit. When it’s finished, it will proceed back to the charging station. Did we mention this electric mower reduces carbon emissions by using about $2.00 of electricity/month.

See a quick preview of our new lawn service in Goshen, Elkhart, and surrounding neighborhoods. We offer three levels of subscription Lawn Service to meet your specific needs. Click to request your personalized quote for a stress-Free summer.



21665 County Road 45

Goshen, IN 46528

Landscape Planting Beds

Plant areas around a home create a welcoming invitation. Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. works hard to create curb appeal. The landscape design team will use materials that compliment your home while creating a low-maintenance planting bed. Following are a few images of some recent work our designers and craftsmen have completed. Landscape stone planting bed Syracuse

Landscape shrubs and perennial planting bed Indiana
Planting bed with grasses and wood mulch Middlebury, Indiana
Planting bed with ornamental grasses, shrubs, and wood mulch
Decorative brick paver planting bed Middlebury
Grasses and shrubs flank the spa in Middlebury, Indiana
Potted plants container landscapeStone steps set off by decorative plantings in small planter pots Continue reading “Landscape Planting Beds”

Snow Safety

One of our most popular blog posts last year is back as snow managers search for the best Snow Contractor this year. Commercial site managers must balance several factors when selecting the Best Snow & Salt Service Contractor.

Snow Contracting Salting & Snow Plowing

Stone Ridge Landscaping Goshen Snow Service Professional

Snow services providers should demonstrate answers to the listed questions. A dependable snow plow contractor will have an established work history and client referrals. This winter snow season ensure your snow contractor can answer these 10 points to your satisfaction.

If you have questions or would like to see your own custom snow contract, contact our team today, 574.534.9800!

Best Professional Snow Removal
Snow Contractor in Goshen Indiana 24/7

Snow Plowing, Salt Application, and Snow Removal in Goshen Indiana

Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. is well know for their quality outdoor living spaces as well as their snow plowing and removal services. As a snow contractor in Goshen, Indiana, Stone Ridge is able to maintain the parking lots and sidewalks of commercial, medical, industrial, apartments, and condos.

For more information on the services provided or to request a FREE Quote, visit Stone Ridge Snow Removal or call 574.534.9800.

Seawalls: Hand Made & Locally Sourced

We help preserve and protect the environment with natural stone seawalls. Our company is capable of helping ina me around all of the Michiana lakes and rivers including: Syracuse Lake, Dewart Lake, Fieldstone seawalls on the Elkhart River, Saint Joseph River, Goshen Canal, Shavehead Lake in Michigan and beyond.

Our seawall designs are approved by the DNR/DEQ and provide a natural cost-effective way to stabilize your property. Call or email our Seawall Expert today to repair and replace your failing seawall.

We use proven construction techniques and local material sourcing so, our natural fieldstone walls are constructed more economically than vinyl and steel seawalls. Well constructed fieldstone walls reduce further erosion and wake damage with the irregular surface. As a further benefit, stone seawalls are often preferred by the DNR and provide a more natural environment for aquatic habitats and fish.

With all of these benefits, choose a Seawall.Expert to build or repair your seawall. You and the environment will be better for it!

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Lakeside Retreat Stone Paver Patios

Patio retreats using decorative brick pavers will improve your lakeside retreat. Natural stone and concrete pavers combine to create a gorgeous retreat.

Syracuse Lake, Lake Wawasee, Shavehead Lake, Lake Michigan, Dewart Lake, Tippecanoe Lake (Tippy), North Webster, Edwardsburg, and all of Michiana lakes and rivers look better with Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. Below is pictures one of our favorite retreats on Syracuse Lake!

Seawalls, Patios, Plantings, Landscape, & more!

Goshen, IN 46526Natural paver stone landscape patio
Stone landing with paver brick decorative accent by Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. Providers of complete landscape renovations
Stone decorative brick paver patio lake seawall
Natural stone brick paver patio by Stone Ridge Landscaping of Goshen, Indiana

Decorative Stone Seawall

Seawall provide an important function for lakes, rivers, and creeks by limiting erosion. Natural stone provides a cost effective AND beautiful solution.

Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc. of Goshen, Indiana has been providing this service for over 15 years. Recently, Stone Ridge has seen an uptick of Home owners wanting to improve the visual appearance of their property while protecting and preserving the environment. “Our trained staff is able to file for permits and help residents construct durable and lasting sea walls,” says Josh Welker, President of Stone Ridge Landscaping Inc.

Today more than ever, homeowners desire beauty and cost effectiveness and that is was natural fieldstone boulders, flagstone, rip-rap and other materials provide. For your free quote, contact 574.534.9800 or visit www.StoneRidge.TV

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